“We are the proud parents of two yellow Labrador retrievers. Kaley is soon to be 5 years old and we have had her since she was a pup. Daisy is our 2 ½ year old that we adopted from the Lexington Humane Society when she was 9 months old. We love our dogs as though they were our children, however, we had just moved into a new house and we couldn’t continue to have Daisy destroy everything. Daisy had pushed our buttons to the point that we were preparing to have to take her back to the Humane Society…then came Jim Durham into our lives. We left the girls with him for 3 weeks and they returned completely different dogs. Daisy definitely matured and is now able to stay in a kennel without hyperventilating or trying to do whatever possible to escape the kennel. Jim trained our dogs wonderfully and we would highly endorse his kennel and training to anyone in need of such services. Thank you for your miracles that you have performed. We are now able to truly enjoy both of our girls 100% of the time.”

–Susie and Tony L.

“We recently brought our Doberman puppy, Lilly, to Jim Durham for his three-week, in house, intensive training. Even though we had worked with our puppy at home, she was not responding to our training attempts at all. By the time we picked her up from training with Jim, she was a totally different dog! We followed up with private training sessions with Jim, (so he could coach us) and we continued training with our puppy at home using the methods he had taught us and our dog. We now have a very obedient 8-month-old puppy that is a joy to have around. If ever we get another puppy, we will have her professionally trained by Jim, without any hesitations. Thanks Jim!”

Joe, Carey and Lilly

“After time and money wasted at a pet store “training” school and an equally unproductive in-home “expert” trainer, we brought our high-spirited, intelligent but stubborn 2-year-old Retriever-Hound mixed breed to Jim Durham as our last hope. His skill, patience, and understanding of the Canine mind-set and our dog’s particular needs, along with his “magic” approach, has worked wonders. More importantly, he taught us how to do our part. The follow-up is all-important, because without knowing how and what to do, we and our dog would be at a dead end. Whereas we still have work to do, training is not a chore. The dog is far more manageable and more relaxed, as are we. Take your dog to Jim Durham for training; it’s the best investment you can make.”

Dennis Phelps/Frances W.

“I whole-heartedly recommend Jim Durham for canine training. To date he has been instrumental in providing the basic training for two German Shepherds (Harley/Falyn) for my family. He provided firm, loving guidance, and discipline for our pets and me the owner(s) as well. After training, our fur babies were happy and well-mannered family members. Most impressive are his in/outdoor kennels and run area, which are climate-controlled and an exceptionally clean environment. Most impressive is Jim’s willingness to provide telephonic guidance and answers after the fact. He’s without a doubt the “Git er done” dog whisperer of Eastern Kentucky.

Eric F. J.

“Jim trained my Shepherd, Chief, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I dropped him off when he was 5 months old for the in-kennel training and he came back one of the most well-behaved puppies I could have asked for. Jim was a pleasure to work with and did a wonderful job training me as well. I was not aware how much work it would take on my part to keep Chief trained but Jim was there to help every step of the way. He gave me a new appreciation for the art of dog training and have since been back for additional private classes. Chief is now 2 ½ years old and still as well behaved as when he left Durham Kennels. I attribute all of our success to Jim and can’t recommend him enough. He truly has a way with dogs and people…the later of which tends to be more important where dog training is concerned.”

Steven O.

“Jim Durham, of Durham Kennels, has trained 3 of our family dogs, and is currently working on the 4th. We have been very pleased with the training our dogs have received while being with Jim and wouldn’t think of sending our dogs anywhere else. Jim has a wonderful connection with the dogs in his care and goes about his training in a very positive and gentle way. We consider our dogs part of our family, so it’s nice to know they are in such great hands at Durham Kennels. Thanks Jim!!”

John and Tonya P.

“Jim. I want you to know how please I am with my dog Sugar after having her Obedience trained at your kennel. She was a wild four-month-old Golden Retriever puppy with behavior problems. She would run through the house and get into everything along the way. She would not sit or stay and had an attention span of zero. I tried to get her to walk on a leash, ha. She walked me and fought me every inch of the way and chewed the leash up. I needed help. After spending three weeks at Durham Kennels, I found I had a new dog. When I brought her in the house, I saw a much calmer dog. No more running and jumping up. She will sit, stay, come on my command and now we both enjoy going for a walk. It is wonderful to have an obedient dog. People have asked me how I liked my dog trainer and the results of his obedience training. I tell them, AWESOME!”


“Jim. Thank you so much for your call this morning to check on Katie. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the training you provided for her – and me! Even though I was not able to complete all of the follow-up training sessions due to having to have surgery on my leg, I remember all that you taught me and put it into practice every day. Katie and I would never win a dog show, but she knows how to sit, stay, heel and come. Most of all, she has learned to obey me – and I have learned how to control her in a positive manner. Our relationship was transformed from a battle of wills to a partnership thanks to your patient and supportive training.”

Judy S.

“I would like to thank you and commend you on your training of my toy poodle, “Rudy”. Although I felt very comfortable with you and your training techniques after meeting with you it was very difficult for me to leave “my baby” for the three-week session. This has proven to be the best decision for both of us however. Rudy responded quite well to the training which did not change his very active nature and his unique personality but made him controllable with the use of hand and voice commands. Through continuation of the on-lead training, as you had patiently instructed me in the follow-up sessions, I was able to use that base to further train Rudy. I have even been able to use his training to control him off lead. I would highly recommend you as a trainer for anyone wanting to gain control and respect of their dog. Thanks again for your help.”

Sandra L. W.

“My wife and I came to Jim with a sweet but frustratingly obstinate golden retriever. New to raising a puppy, our frustration was wearing on our enjoyment of Howie. After 3 weeks with Jim, Howie matured and came away with many useful commands added to his thick noggin. Through our training session, Jim showed us how to forcefully but appropriately correct Howie. He helped set our expectations and kindly worked with us on being effective in this cross-cultural relationship. In training Howie, he was really training us. While Howie is not perfect, our scales are tipped toward enjoyment rather than frustration. We now have the tools to corral Howie and asset ourselves allowing a peaceful coexistence with our furry baby.”

Ian and Laura J.

“Our dog, Kody, is a very hyperactive, strong-willed dog with a short attention span and Jim was able to achieve remarkable results with him. Through consistent work in teaching Kody how to react to specific commands, he now listens and understands his owner, and we are able to have some control over his behavior. I would recommend Jim as a trainer to anyone interested in obedience training for their dog.”

Karen T. C.