Whether pulling on the leash during walks, bounding out an open door, or jumping up on guests when they come into your home, an out-of-control dog can cause chaos in your household, create problems in social situations and potentially be in harm’s way. In contrast, a well-behaved dog is always a pleasure to be around. Not only is obedience training essential for your pet’s safety and well-being, but it is also vital for you – the owner – to gain control of your dog’s behavior early on and let them know they can count on you for direction and discipline.

Although it’s never too late to start, the earlier obedience training begins, the better; you must start working with your dog when they come into your home. That way, typical puppy behaviors such as nipping, chewing, and jumping up can easily be corrected before they become problematic. Jim offers guidance and valuable tips for new dog owners through the Puppy Program, helping you start positively. For dogs eighteen weeks or older, the in-kennel Train and Board Program offers the best results in the shortest time. Your dog will learn the basic obedience commands: come, sit down, stay, heel, and variations.

This program includes six follow-up classes for owners. Jim is also available for private instruction.

Dogs naturally love to please their owners and enjoy the stimulation and interaction that obedience training provides. By working together consistently and practicing the commands daily, you will make an essential connection with your dog, build confidence, and establish a lasting, positive, and rewarding relationship with your pet.

The key to successful obedience training is your commitment and willingness to spend time every day working and playing with your dog.

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