Board and Train Program

While bringing a new dog into your home is very exciting, it also creates a unique set of challenges. Whether your pup is simply nipping and jumping up, “counter surfing”, or wildly out of control, seeking professional training can make all the difference between success and failure in the first few weeks of pet ownership. Dogs are pack animals, and it is important for owners to understand the critical role that they will play in their dog’s training. Not only is establishing control from the very beginning essential for your dog’s health and well-being, but it will also ensure a peaceful and successful transition into your home.

Durham Kennels’s Board and Train Program is designed for pet owners with busy schedules and those who need the guidance, help and expertise of an experienced trainer. If you choose this option, your dog will stay at the kennel for three weeks. Because Jim’s home is located right next door, he is able to give your dog the highest quality care and attention. He is now limiting his training to four to six dogs per month, which allows him to maximize your dog’s potential in the shortest amount of time.

Basic obedience is on leash, on collar training and consists of the following commands: come, sit, down, stay, heel and variations of all of these. Jim uses both hand signals and voice commands. He will work with your dog several times a day using a method of training that he has developed through years of experience that utilizes firmness, repetition, consistency, positive reinforcement, and lots of love. In addition, your dog will learn door manners – how to enter and exit both your home and your vehicle in a safe and controlled manner. Because Jim believes that good communication is paramount to the success of your dog’s training, he encourages you to call and get reports and updates on your dog’s progress during his/her stay.

Upon completion of the initial in-kennel training, you will pick your dog up and have the first of six private classes. All family members ages 14 and up are invited and welcomed to attend. A critically important part of your dog’s training, these sessions are designed to teach you how to handle your dog and to ensure that you understand and can properly execute all of the basic obedience commands. Jim will continue to work with you every seven to ten days, coaching and teaching you how to have a successful working relationship with your dog. He also encourages you to call any time during the follow-up period to receive needed support and guidance as your dog settles back into the home environment. Even after the follow-up classes have been completed, Jim will continue to be available for advice and problem-solving on any issues that may arise.

The key to successful obedience training is your commitment and willingness to spend time every day working and playing with your dog.

Durham Kennels Board and Train Program - New Arrival
Durham Kennels Board and Train Program - One-on-One
Durham Kennels Board and Train Program - Hands-on Training