Jim Durham, owner and operator of Durham Kennels, has trained dogs for over thirty years in Central Kentucky.

At the beginning of his career, he sought professional training in New York and has since developed his unique training style. His hands-on approach utilizes repetition, consistency, and lots of loving care.

During your initial phone consultation, Jim will assess your dog’s background, living environment, and personality and then explain his training methods in detail, helping you understand your critical role in the outcome of your dog’s training. He will listen and answer any questions before, during, or after your dog is trained.

Because Jim limits his enrollment to four to six dogs per month, he can spend quality time with your dog daily, establishing trust, instilling basic obedience commands, and giving your dog plenty of care and attention. After the initial training, he will work with you one-on-one – guiding and coaching you every step – teaching you to successfully execute the commands and gain control of your dog through firm, loving, and consistent reinforcement. He aims to help you establish a lasting and rewarding relationship with your pet.

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